The Sovereigns of the Golden Path is the burgeoning seed of a magical tradition.
It was born out of a need for a space to embrace diversity, community and acceptance without compromise to the pervasive heteronormativity that leaves many feeling displaced and unwelcome within mainstream witchcraft.

It’s first public ritual was held in December of 2017 for the Summer Solstice on Boonwurrung land in Victoria, South-Eastern Australia.

The SGP is an anarchistic, non-binary, two-handed, animistic, DIY, intersectional tradition rooted in chaos magic and existentialism.
The SGP is open to anyone who identifies as queer, regardless of their prior experience with paganism and witchcraft and their level of skepticism.

Its practices involve ritual, sacred storytelling, divination, spirit-work, healing, and growth. It encourages the joy of scientific learning, play and genuine, authentic connection with the world around us.